January 1, 2010

Here we go.

Everything about this photo makes me feel old. Backstory first: I pulled cheesecake out of the fridge a few minutes ago and then - YES - stood there with the plate and fork out and thought, "Really? No."

AND I PUT IT BACK. I actually put it back. It was miraculous bit of self-control, I tell you.

So this is my ridiculous breakfast (part of it).

1) Coffee with cream (in a mug with my dog's photo on it, no less). I want to move to green tea, but I am allowing myself one cup of coffee each morning for a while.
2) Various old people pills.
3) Miso soup.

Next I plan to make eggs or something. But seriously, the miso soup in the morning trick is kind of great. 35 calories in a packet (you see the contents of two here) and that salty/savory flavor really beats back cravings for something sweet for some reason. Plus, it's filling.

So there you have it. Day 1. Here we go. Oh - and for the most part, we had a dry NYE, so I feel like a million fucking bucks. No hangover, and no throwing up on your sweater (that I still have), JJ!


Kathy said...

I'm so impressed on the put-back action. I'm generally of the "if nobody sees me it doesn't count" school of thought. Who am I fooling? Good luck!

SBB said...

Great self control. I'd love to try Miso soup..
<3 Pugs. I have a pug too. They really are one of a kind.
Best of luck in the New Year!!

Susan said...

fuck yes. I am so about the miso soup. It is very filling. My probelm is I eat when I'm full. Just cause it tastes soooo fucking good!

mamacita said...

Link to miso soup packets? I haven't seen them. Probably because they aren't on the cookie aisle.

tracy said...

Mamacita i love it! "...probably because they aren't on the cookie aisle." You're too funny! :)

amy said...