January 7, 2010

fine fine fine

ok, so tomorrow I am going to drastically change my food - in an attempt to get my shit together.

Here's what I'm eating.

2 oz string cheese
8 oz pineapple

2 eggs
12 oz salad
8 oz brussels sprouts
2 tb dressing

12 oz bean threads, spinach, and tomatoes
2 oz cheese
8 oz carrots

It's going to be great. I am not going to gag.

And I'm going to be all Biggest Loser-style and lose 15 pounds by February 8.


Susan said...

Okay, I'm with you on the breakfast thing. But if I don't eat more at lunch I will gorge at dinner. And that dinner....that is like an appetizer to me. Gawd I'm a heffer. Good luck. :)

regardez moi said...

May I make a suggestion? No? Oh, I'm going to anyway...

You are not eating enough - and I feel like you may be setting yourself up to fail.

You also need to add in some healthy snacks and eat about every 3 hours instead of just breakfast lunch and dinner. That way you won't be ravenous when it's time for your meal.

Also, pineapple for breakfast may not be a great choice b/c it's really high in sugar (it's glycemic index is the highest for fruit I think) which means that you'll get hungry and crave food soon after the sugar wears off from eating breakfast. More protein and a complex carbohydrate may be a better choice. (Like an egg over whole wheat toast)

Okay, I'll stop. I was trying to help b/c I've tried to lose weight so many times and I finally found a way that works for me and recently lost like 35 lbs. Or you can just tell me to shove it. :)

Good luck!

Iheartfashion said...

What are bean threads?

JJ said...

Yay Susan! Report back tonight...

Joz, you might be right. I hadn't even considered the whole GI thing. Tomorrow I'll do a different fruit probably. This is the end of the pineapple.

I am following a food plan from OA so there isn't room to add a grain but I'm only doing this plan for 30 days. And really, I'm only doing it for TODAY. Tomorrow is negotiable.

I just plugged in my calories and they'll be at 1400 (give or take 25 sticks of gum.)

IHF - bean thread are also known as cellophane noodles. They're made from mung bean starch and for some crazy reason they count as a vegetable on my food plan!

JJ said...

Report: Done. I ate it exactly as promised and now I'm done eating for the night.

I can't say that it was a particularly great day since all I could think about was sugar and snacks and more sugar. And then my gdmf husband offered me chips, then Oreos. (It's not his fault though - who knows what my food restriction will be on any given day.)

I'm going to go paint my nails again.