August 3, 2010

And I saw my reflection...

I've decided to stop dressing like Stevie Nicks.

March 16, 2010

January 12, 2010

Make your own damn Twinkie.

"Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.”

That gets at a lot of our issues. I love French fries, and I also know if I ate French fries every day it would not be a good thing. One of our problems is that foods that are labor or money intensive have gotten very cheap and easy to procure. French fries are a great example. They are a tremendous pain to make. Wash the potatoes, fry potatoes, get rid of the oil, clean up the mess. If you made them yourself you’d have them about once a month, and that’s probably about right. The fact that labor has been removed from special occasion food has made us treat it as everyday food. One way to curb that and still enjoy those foods is to make them. Try to make your own Twinkie. I don’t even know if you can. I imagine it would be pretty difficult. How do you get the cream in there? - Michael Pollan

From HERE.

January 8, 2010

Doing it again.

This is what I'm eating tomorrow:

2 eggs
1 apple

4 oz spicy tofu
12 oz salad
2 tb oil

2 oz cheese
12 oz bean threads, etc.
8 oz cauliflower

Who's with me here? Don't make me do this alone because it SUCKS.

Skinny Girl Trick #1*

*and by "Skinny" I mean still totally fat as of 8:39pm PST.

When you want to eat the unlimited free cookies, crackers, muffins, popcorn and granola bars your employer provides, instead paint your nails in your office. My nails are now pretty pretty pink.

January 7, 2010

fine fine fine

ok, so tomorrow I am going to drastically change my food - in an attempt to get my shit together.

Here's what I'm eating.

2 oz string cheese
8 oz pineapple

2 eggs
12 oz salad
8 oz brussels sprouts
2 tb dressing

12 oz bean threads, spinach, and tomatoes
2 oz cheese
8 oz carrots

It's going to be great. I am not going to gag.

And I'm going to be all Biggest Loser-style and lose 15 pounds by February 8.

January 6, 2010

Ok, let's hear it, JJ.

And for the record, I ate like a trashcan today, so even if you had 3 donuts, you still did better than me.

It's back to miso tomorrow!

January 5, 2010

Tomorrow I blog fucking food.

I know I said I would yesterday but I blew it and I was too embarrassed to admit it. Today: repeat.

Tomorrow: success. And I'm going to blog my whole food day. Everything I eat is going to be listed.

JJ, I think we know what we need to do.

January 1, 2010

Here we go.

Everything about this photo makes me feel old. Backstory first: I pulled cheesecake out of the fridge a few minutes ago and then - YES - stood there with the plate and fork out and thought, "Really? No."

AND I PUT IT BACK. I actually put it back. It was miraculous bit of self-control, I tell you.

So this is my ridiculous breakfast (part of it).

1) Coffee with cream (in a mug with my dog's photo on it, no less). I want to move to green tea, but I am allowing myself one cup of coffee each morning for a while.
2) Various old people pills.
3) Miso soup.

Next I plan to make eggs or something. But seriously, the miso soup in the morning trick is kind of great. 35 calories in a packet (you see the contents of two here) and that salty/savory flavor really beats back cravings for something sweet for some reason. Plus, it's filling.

So there you have it. Day 1. Here we go. Oh - and for the most part, we had a dry NYE, so I feel like a million fucking bucks. No hangover, and no throwing up on your sweater (that I still have), JJ!