December 26, 2009

2010 makeover order of magnitude:

This is what's going down in 2010.

I visited Dr. Brandith Irwin a few weeks ago to learn what I can be doing to have better skin as I age (I am 33). She recommended Skinmedica Age Defense Retinol Complex (use at night) and Skinmedica Vitamin C + E Complex So far, so good. The retinol is great, although I am not sure it's any better than THIS miracle worker. I am going to get the tiniest bit of Botox, and a little Juvederm to fill my angry "elevens" before that wrinkle problem gets out of hand.

Next, I need to re-work my crap-ass diet. Coffee out, green tea in. More chicken, barley, salads and no sugar. None. I just made a 1200 calorie a day meal plan and ordered the groceries I will need for that. Plus no alcohol for the first week to kickstart things. I am going to investigate the wonders of acai, and eat more leafy greens. For real this time.

Haircut by Mia Leicht at Seven in Seattle is working wonders. The CHI has also been nothing short of a revelation. Also, John Frieda Glaze is keeping things shiny and dark brown.

Once my super-zaftig body is under control, I feel a breast reduction in my future. This seems like the kind of project I will wonder later why I didn't do sooner.

Fuck the year of the tiger. This is the Year of the Makeover, dammit.

December 6, 2009

This shit is *not* easy.

This shit sucks. Today was officially Not Good.

The update, friends, is that:
1. I lost 50 pounds and was on the right track to lose another 20 maybe.
2. I have been vegan since April.
3. I have been pretty diligent about going to bikram yoga 4- 5 times a week.

And then it all went down the shitter. I lost my magic. I began sorta noshing on things and now I'm up 10 pounds again. And still noshing. gfdamnit.

Today, even after your peptalk - eating.