August 31, 2009

Was this food made by assholes?

I had an epiphany recently that my approach to shedding my fleshy ass has always been about, you know, minimum effort required. Or about stupid food ideas like Atkins. Atkins works, there is no doubt. It works for a while. But it's hard to maintain and it's hard to reconcile bacon and vodka for dinner when you decide at the tender age of 33 that your liver is something you might want to take better care of.

So I was emailing JJ about deciding to just try to eat "clean food" instead. You can't really get fat on salad provided you don't pour a bunch of General Mills shit on top of it, right? Seems like it isn't really that hard. So my new criteria for putting food in my mouth is to ask:

"Was this food made by assholes?"

I think this should do it. By nature it will exclude anything over-processed and engineered with the deadly trio of sugar/fat/salt. It will also make eating meat from not-nice growers easy to exclude.

We'll see how this goes.