July 27, 2009

You're out.

Tara is my new bf.

We're going to scoot around in our pink bikinis trying to out-skin each other.

July 9, 2009

While you're in Italy?

I'm floating my fat ass up to Alaska.

Everyone eats their way through a cruise, right?  Free buffet!  Free desserts!  Nothing to do but lie on a chair and booze it!


Seeins how I've lost 44 pounds, I am NOT gaining an ounce next week.  I'm not eating one stupid thing on this cruise.  And truthfully, why would I?  I really doubt Holland America is bringing out the super high dollar grade A food for their mass consumption guests.  Why would I want to binge on shit?  And the idea of everyone gorging themselves on food for 7 days straight kinda makes me gag anyway.  I'm going to take the high ground and eat my veggies and my grains and come back THINNER.   Take that, Megan Fox.  I bet you can't get thinner!