May 17, 2009


Dude, I am so full I might pop.  

That photo above is baked cauliflower.  

Tonight I ate:
2 Dr. Prager TexMex bean burgers with lettuce and tomatoes
cauliflower baked up in the oven
baked sweet potato cubes  

So.  Full.

Might.  Die.

Low.  Calorie.


Iheartfashion said...

What do you add to the cauliflower when you bake it? Looks delicious!

Pancakes & French Fries said...
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Jules said...

I was going to ask the same thing. Maybe paprika or tumeric to give it that golden crusty look? Are you also be baking it at a low temp at first and them pumping it up? When I bake my cauliflower and am in a hurry, putting it at a high temp cooks it fine, but I get super dark parts.

GoTime said...

Love baked cauliflower, add almost any cheese, butter, and for a golden brown crisp, you can broil it just for a sec.

JJ said...

Sometimes I drizzle olive oil on it as instructed. Other times I save the calories and do it without any oil.

I bake it at 450 from the get-go. I LOVE those crunchies. Dark brown is YUM.

I read a good recipe that added curry and paprika to the (olive oil) mix before baking. I am trying to lose weight though. I don't want much olive oil sitting on my ass.

ADG said...

Just found your blog. Off the freakin' hook funny.