May 21, 2009

Is this what 48 years old looks like?

I thought it would be younger for some reason.

She is 117 pounds now.  She lost 140 pounds!  

I did the research (via goog) and discovered that 5'4 and 117 pounds means you get to eat between 1800 and 1900 calories a day.

um, bullshit.  I am maintaining a 1200 to 1300 calorie a day vegan food plan and I AM IN NO DANGER OF BEING 117 POUNDS.

I am thinking about going back to bikram again.  And having my jaw wired shut.  Why doesn't anyone do that anymore?  I would like to offer up some potential candidates to bring back the jaw-wired-shut trend.


mamacita said...

That's a lot of muscle for 117. Don't know if I entirely trust that number. Then again, it's not like I would recognize it from personal experience.

And someone at the show clearly hates her. Look at those awful shoes she was forced to wear in publicity photos, no less.

Jules said...

Re: Age--she's a blonde with fair skin. They tend to age faster. (Says the fat, olive skinned brunette smugly because good skin is all she has.)

Re; Calories--maybe that's what is required to maintain the weight of a 117 pound woman who frequently exercises? Maintenance is a different beast from weight loss, so maybe this is something for you to look forward to when you hit 117.

jen said...

I think she looks older because she didn't take care of herself for the first 48 years of her life - crappy diet, no exercise, was an alcoholic, heavy smoker, etc. That will definitely pre-maturely age someone.

As the the 1800-1900 calorie a day - I think that's with the amount of exercise she got. Because I'm 5'10" and trying to lose 20 lbs and my dietician said for me to lose 1 lb a week with 5 days of exercise, I could eat 1800 calories a day.

So if you're at 1200-1300 and exercising, that should be about right.

v8grrl said...

or how about the 70"s liquid diet...which I;m sure can be adjusted to just be gin...and no food..well maybe 1 olive.

48=almost 50...she looks a bit thin...but hell, thin is in.
I'll tell you...i'm 5'2" and 118 and I look bigger than that.
and jules is whitey white skined people always look older and yukier...
everying, and I mean everything looks better tan/brown

and get your ass back to Bikrim...I'll feel your misery with ya

Decs said...

JJ - look how much tanning she's doing. We don't do that shit.

JJ said...

We're all right! We each win a free live chicken!

I think myselfs at 117 is going to look like Lindsey Lohan inside a JJ-shaped bag of loose skin. Worse than Helen. My boobs are going to be scraping my knees.


Kimberly Julie said...

I've been advocating the tapeworm trend for years. C'mon, what's a few health risks in the name of a slimmer waist?!

s. said...

When she's fat, she looks about 50. When she's skinny, she looks about 60. Just goes to show, a bit of fat isn't a bad thing.

JJ said...

Agreed, my friend.