February 5, 2009

We're doing it.

Jen and I are cutting the fat.  

Since I've been back on my food plan I've lost 12.5 pounds.  I know it's water weight and the weight of the hair I shaved off my legs and I.  don't.  care.  

40 more pounds to happy slut times!

P.S.  I'm not going to attribute any of my success to hot yoga but I will say that I've been 4 times in the last week.  mm hmmm.
oh, I also played soccer once but since I started a fight during that game, I'm not counting it as exercise.


Alice. said...

My god you guys are hilarious. I'm also on the journey to becoming "the skinny bitch", let's just say it's not going so well. Thanks for making me laugh.

Kimberly Julie said...

"Happy slut times"... Hahaha! What is it about being thin that makes you want to sleep with every attractive guy you meet?! Seriously... it's like you're dying to show it off.

(20 lbs til happy slut times for me. Until then? Celibacy.)

Mint Julep said...

I hope your goal is to look like Jennifer in the left picture, not the right one. I want to be skinny too, but that does not look good.

Fire Bug said...

haha. hot yoga 4 times in one week? holy hell that is impressive. 4 times and i might be bed ridden for a week. i went twice in one week and thought i was wonderwomen/a supermodel (reality = far from it but who cares).

s. said...

Poor jennifer suffers from a recurring eating disorder, so by all means, may the Slut Times begin, but please don't travel down Ms. C's road.

Üdo Ümami said...

40 more lbs til happy slut times.... IM DYING from my sides cramping up with laüghter. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox <3 Üdo

ps: i did hot yoga once. after i had 3 cüps of coffee. ::hürls::

Nicki said...

Ughh Jen on the right needs a friggin sandwich and a giant milkshake. The bitch looks sickly, and coming from a skinny bitch thats bad. My pet peeve is when women are bone thin with no muscle tone, no ass, and their arms are one long shape, EWWWW. So on your journey to shrinking your waste line remember, men like some meat and curves!