February 18, 2009

Love letters.

Real email exchange between us today:

JJ: 9:13 PM (1 hour ago)
SUBJECT: New diet food

Get frozen okra. defrost. Put it in a skillet with a pat of butter or a good glug of olive oil. Cook the crap out of it! Seriously, cook it until all the okra slime is gone and it's crispy and almost black. Grind salt over the top (from the special salt grinder I bought when we were in San Francisco and that reminds me of you).

No fatty carbs - only veggie carbs.

Decorno: 10:19 PM
SUBJECT: re: New diet food

Jesus christ. I totally lost my hard-on as soon as you said, "Frozen okra." I didn't even read the rest of this. You're just trying to crush my soul. Fuck you and the 15 pounds you have lost.

And I say that with love.

1 comment:

JJ said...

I continue to stand by my okra comments.

Okra is guaranteed weight loss food. It has to be. I only digest about 70% of it.