October 12, 2008

my *new* plan

US Weekly reports that Jessica Alba works out one hour a day, six days a week and burns approximately 500 calories during each session.  This is my new goal.  (Oh, and the kid sucks out another 500 calories during breastfeeding supposedly.)

Speaking of things, was this the Lohan you loved?  All fashiony and shit?  Because I am loving it too.  I had forgotten how thin she was.  

Why does Lohan look sick but Nicole look normal?  Am I just used to her being all freaky thin now?  

I still have the secret you know...STOP EATING. 


Decorno said...

No, I like the more voluptuous La Lohan, but not the converse-wearing one of the moment. Those girls were TOO thin back then... all hopped up on horse tranquilizers or whatever.

Stop eating. Hmm. I might need to try that one.

Jozette said...

yes, yes... stop eating. but... i love it so much.

they both look sickly in this picture, they really do. i prefer voluptuous Lohan as well, she was much cuter. now why can't i just think that about myself?

JJ said...

while I was at the gym just now (burning 400 of my 500 calories - where will I burn the other 100????) I was noodling on La Lohan and wondering how long it takes to get so so so skinny? Three months of nothing but vodka and cigarettes and grilled chicken?
Seriously. 3 months?

I need to lose 6 pounds in the next 2 weeks. I am going to o it even if it means cutting my hair, trimming my nails, getting a brazilian - WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Decorno said...

... or having Mike hold your tits up while you are on the scale, remember? You don't have to count those pounds, woman.

fashion herald said...

lohan looks so much better now, just the other day i was ogling her legs, ridiculous.
have you ever worked out twice a day? it's crazy, but my man does this sometimes because he's a little addicted, and pounds fall off.

shannon said...

breastfeeding does not do shit. i know. starvation is the way. oh and there is diet and excercise, yuk.

shannon said...

breastfeeding does not do shit, you eat more to make up for the calories being burned.

Iheartfashion said...

Agreed, that breastfeeding calorie-burning is a myth.
And I like skinny Lohan.