October 21, 2008

I am fat elvis

I am currently fighting with Peanut Butter.

FYI - diabetic peanut butter tastes just like you would expect - peanut shells minus the good peanutty flavor.  Net: dirt.


mamacita said...

So you can get married in Vegas instead of Bikini Beach. Problem solved.

Have you tried almond butter? Even without the sugar, it still tastes pretty good, unlike PB.

JJ said...

I'm allergic to almonds!

You have a point on the wedding thing. However, I've sunk about $7grand into this beach bonanza. There's no going back. Fat Elvis needs to hit the good stuff (dexatrim?)

fashion herald said...

aderall. that's what the starlets use. but where would we be without Fat Elvis? Without Fat Elvis, there is no Thin Elvis.

Scandalous Housewife said...

C'mon, sweeties!! Tonight's the night to get you "Slutty Hooker" on! It's Halloween!!