October 7, 2008


I have EIGHT weeks to get into this shit.

I am pretty sure there's only one way to get Blair Waldorf-thin and I cannot seem to do it.  
In my way:
sugar-free fudgesicles
lack of exercise
general fatigue
bad attitude
9 hours of computer work per day
business travel

Can you please whip me into shape (literally)?


Erin said...

If you keep anything in your regimen, it should be the Meerkats. definitely.

Scandalous Housewife said...

Dahhh-yum, girl, I feel your pain! I try to live my life by the mantra WWKCD (what would Karen Carpenter do?), but I always find myself in a Tex-Mex restaurant attatched to a chili con queso IV.

Good Luck!

jen said...

how about one of those walking work stations? Anyway you can lug a treadmill to your office and then walk on it and use your computer for 9 hours a day? Because giving up the rest of that stuff seems impossible. Especially the fudgesicles.