July 19, 2008

Day 6. This shit is easy.

What I like about JJ is when she gets on a roll with her whole strict eating thing, she hits this weird zen paleau where she's like, "This shit is easy."

Well, I have finally - after probably 3 years of thinking I am actually going to drop a few lbs - hit at point.

This shit is easy.

It's so hard to kick sugar. For me anyway. I am like a crack addict when it comes to sugar. But once it's out of your system for a while, it's like total freedom. No joke.

I sometimes get really, really, really hungry. But then inxplicable, I want like half an avocado or something. Not Ho Hos. This is progress, people.


mamacita said...

Good God, I'm jealous. I've been at that point of "this shit is easy," only to relapse within DAYS. And fuck if it isn't hard to get back there.

fashion herald said...

major progress, congrats.

JJ said...

It IS easy. But then there are moments when I want what everyone else is eating sooooo bad. Today, it was chicken friend steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Assholes.

v8_grrl said...

because of you....i am quitting too.

although I can still tell what that picture is. Swiss roll ups that I love to peel the plastic chocolate off, unroll, lick the white stuff out and slowly choke down the dry cake...full of processed goodness.

Mint Julep said...

LOVE chicken fried steak. LOVE. JJ: That's kind of mean. Sorry. You need to show them who's got the power.

My husband is also a lawyer and they eat more shit than a stupid dog. Why is that?

v8: Um, you are describing me as I devour the processed goodies of my Queen, Little Debbie.

decorno said...

Mamacita - it took me 3 years to get my ONE WEEK of sugar "sobriety." So, yeah, it's super fucking hard. Until like day 4 when the victory is so hard-won that you don't want to suck down a slab of chocolate and start all over.

Can we all just talk about how awesome this Ho Ho painting is? Do you think the nude model didn't show, and some dude in class was like, "Well, um, we could paint my Ho Ho."

Or something.

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Melissa said...

how the hell did you quit sugar? i need to do that but all i do is pick at processed junk all day long. i need H E L P

Bunny said...

Mamacita intoduced me to your blog. Loved it! Too funny!

She Who Must Be Obeyed said...

I, too,struggle. No white anything or processed junk, except, of course, the required spirits, which must be kept up at all times. I do relax on the weekend, though.