June 15, 2008

You asked: Typical Food Day

This is what I ate yesterday:

2 eggs

4 oz homemade taco beef
12 oz of lettuce, raw spinach, tomatoes, onions, cabbage
1/2 cup salsa
1 tb of ranch dressing

4 oz grilled chicken
4 oz of grilled zucchini slices
1 oz of canned beets (without sugar)
3 oz of sliced tomatoes

1 oz of wheat germ (+ cinnamon)
2 tb of butter

When I have plugged this info into a calorie counter it's right around 1200ish.

I am not starving, I'm not eating "low carb" really (because of all the veggies) and I swear to god I am not hungry.

1 comment:

decorno said...

Everything about this meal plan sounds horrible.
No wonder you are skinny again.

Good job, J.