June 8, 2008

This is blowing my mind

A 140 pound person burns 955 calories in 90 minutes of bikram yoga.
Almost a THOUSAND calories.

In one session of sweaty yoga.
And that's for a skinny person.

I am well above that 140 and that means I burn a whole lot more than a thousand calories.

For one session of sweaty yoga.


Sucker For Marketing said...

The only thing better than that would be if someone would do it for me!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my god, I need to find a studio, stat!

Richie Designs said...

I'm not so sure on that number. I've practiced both regular 9 yrs and bikram [on and off]. I'm not convinced.

you will sweat your ass off though, feel like you're going to pass out and or barf which makes you feel like you're doing a whole lot of work!

if you have skin issues such as rosacea...not a good thing which is why I had to stop.

it's a great workout regardless

Erin said...

i love this fucking blog. i had to go all the way to the beginning and read the whole thing. still, i want more. it's.. delicious. 3 times in the past hour my husband gave me the "what the hell are you laughing at over there" look from the other side of our living room. he is totally working and i am annoying the crap out of him. this is so worth it. he'll get over it.

also, i love yoga.

JJ said...

Look Richie, I fully admit that the idea of losing weight is basically magic based on karma/cocaine-consumption (but not sex, sadly, not sex - sex does nothing but make you happy and sucessful in your career) but I am trying to trick your friend, Decorno into putting down her cocktail, taking off all those goddamn expensive shoes she keeps buying and going to get sweaty with me. She keeps having "bone" issues and PMS and feline HIV and whatever else and NOT SWEATING WITH ME. :)

marlazz said...

I wish this was true. I've been doing hot yoga for 3 years and am maintaining but NOT losing weight.

On Monday nights I do a 1 hr hot yoga session AFTER 1 hour of bootcamp and I swear to god I come home fatter. Maybe I should just stop eating?

but it is still an amazing workout.

JJ said...

oh marlazz, I think you've just figured it out. Maybe we should just stop eating. Truly, I think that's the answer. Why even bother with exercise? God knows Nicole Richie didn't get skeletal chic from running 5ks or doing yoga. The girl don't EAT.

Today I am eating spaghetti squash and a smidge of mozzarella for lunch and then lying around smoking cigarettes to promote weight loss.

decorno said...

Cgarettes??? Did you become friends with Tracy behind my back? Cuz I know that's what she has for dinner every night.

When did you start smoking.

Again - I don't even know you anymore.

Maria said...

yes, but then you get stuck standing behind the hairy guy wearing a speedo. that's why i can't do it.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Marlazz, hot yoga isn't necessarily Bikram, which is usually a bit more intense than typical Anusara or flow classes. Plus, Bikram lasts 90 minutes, whereas most hot yoga classes are 60-75. I'm not meaning to criticize at all, I just wanted to mention that. And hell, if you've maintained your weight for 3 years, well, that's totally killer. I can't seem to do that.

I'm not totally convinced about Bikram burning 955 calories for a 140 pound person; I've always heard that it's more like 500. Either one if great, but I'd love to hear more about the (nearly) 1000 calorie theory...that would make me return to the mat for sure...

Sol Kawage said...

I think the only way to burn 1000 calories in 90 minutes is to set yourself on fire.