June 19, 2008

Day Two: My pep-talk from JJ

JJ emails this to me:

"...So, suck it up. Think of all the miserable shit you do! [She is not kidding. I had a job that made me miserable for two years straight and I didn't quit. I did grind my teeth and fuck them up, though. Hooray for me! -d]

You can crank this out for two weeks and kick start your weight loss.

You've already lost one pound and nine more are antsy to hit the road. Seriously, once you've lost 10 (or even 5) you're going to feel so fucking good about doing this that you're going to really bear down and lose another 10. Truuuuuuuuust me. I've done this (multiple times.)

What are you eating for lunch?

What are you eating for dinner?

And I responded (since you asked in comments in the last post):

"Ok – so today I had coffee with a little half and half
Lunch was 2 small scoops of cottage cheese
A piece of salmon
A small salad with about 10 black olives, a few slices of onion, about a tbsp of grated parm cheese and fancy lettuce
NO BROWN RICE. It wasn’t even heartbreaking to walk past it. I was all, “Go to hell brown rice.” And that was that.
For dinner we are going to dinner at some restaurant for the mother-in-law's b-day. So I am going to ask for grilled fish, which I know they can do."

So there you have it. I am actually not that hungry right now. Maybe that means I ate too much?

I had that "I'm burning fat" stinky breath last night (do you get that, JJ?), so I know something good is happening. I also tried on my skinny jeans. What a terrible, terrible sight that was. No matter. I will be back in them in 2 months.


JJ said...

The People want to know about Days 3, 4 and 5. Your *public* wants to know...

Is it possible that they are cranking up the heat in each hot yoga class or does that bitch Mother Nature just hate me?

The Saturday teacher was new and didn't know how to work the thermostat. She cranked it to 150 and then let us simmer in our own juices. It was goddamn disgusting. EVERYONE had to lie down during the class (even the expert students). Not only that, she shushed my friend for talking to me. If it hadn't been so hot, there may have been violence.

fashion herald said...

is anyone else alarmed by the alarmist breakfast stories infiltrating the press lately?? As in: if you don't eat breakfast you're screwed for the rest of the day, the year, and your life. and forget about losing weight.