June 18, 2008

Day One.

So, here I go.

Dude, I want to wear Fashion again... yes, that's fashion with a capital F. Even 15 pounds ago when I was pushing acceptable limits of body size, I still had something of a waist. It's gone, JJ. You know this. I am the Kirstie Alley who eats croissants between meals.

So, here I go. I can't go to hot yoga tonight because I have a company party thing. So, my goal is to not eat crap.

And so far today, I have had coffee with 1/2 & 1/2. Can I put 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee?

Boss me around. I need to attend your weight loss boot camp. I am determined to start wearing real clothes again. And soon.

I am going to start working on that I-eat-nothing moral superiority that you have, and that is working for you. (That's not slam against you, friend. I like it when you get militant about your eating. The whole "I eat clean, you pigs do not" thing appeals to my bitchy side. I need to put it to good use like you, kid.)


Annoyance Allowance said...

I'm so conflicted about half and half after seeing Jackie Warner say something about skim milk having 14 grams of sugar and half/half being the better choice. When it comes to foodstuffs, I trust in Jackie. Haircuts and ex-lovers? Not so much.

So I've been filling it to the rim with creamy goodness in my Americanos all week. And would like to pretend that it is the superior diet choice seeing as it tastes about 20 times better than the alternative. That is all.

decorno said...

It's true. Skim is the devil. Dairy isn't all that great, but half & half is the better choice. Moderation, right? (When will I learn this concept?)

jen said...

I always feel that if you're going to eat something, better to eat small amounts of the real thing than gorging on the fake stuff. So, I eat real butter, whole milk, real ice cream, yogurt, cheese, meat, etc. I just stay away from the processed stuff.
Rock on with the half & half!

Maison Luxe said...

eat veggies every chance you get. you won't be hungry, and your body will adjust in no time flat. so will your skin. and drink lots of water, skip the coffee...after a few days you won't miss it, it is the worst for dehydrating your body. i switched to green tea every morning and i swear it has caffeine in it, because i'm AWAKE. odd, i know.

water, veggies, fish, chicken. no bread. try steamed broccoli with sea salt and a shaving of pecorino. yum. seriously. you will see instant results AND have lots of energy if you do it, i swear!

JJ said...

What exactly IS half and half?
And how much goes into a coffee?

I mostly agree with Maison. I think you just need to eat superclean for the 2 weeks you want to detox. You know how to do it - you used to do it. Start with eggs and vegetables and organic steak and just be vigilant about it. Commit to two short weeks to straighten your body's shit out (uh, literally?) and then go from there. Trust me - in no time at all you're going to lose 10 pounds and be right at the top of the I Am The Hottest Bitch Ever charts.

I am going back to hot yoga Saturday afternoon at 4:30.

decorno said...

Super clean, bitches.

I even went to that work event and even though I did drink (vodka, soda, lime) I was NOT tempted by that bullshit pita bread or the horrible pizza. A few olives, a few slices of meat from the silly deli tray, a good drunk from lack of food. Bingo.

You'd be proud.

For dinner, I tried on my hot-shit new dress that I scored this weekend along with my can't-wear-in-public-because-they-are-too-high awesome black d'orsay bitchy pumps. It was delicious. It was also all the motivation I needed to not eat anything bad tomorrow, either. Because I am just about 20 pounds from rocking the shit out of that dress, and I know I can do that by end of July.


v8_grrl said...

so, my answer to this is,,,,

stop eating
just drink...you hardly ever get hungry...usually I pass out before I need to eat.
drink V8 bloody Marys and you will get your nutrients (make sure there is a celery stick)...

I feel for you...my underwear is tight.

roXy said...

I totally agree with keeping it real. This fake crap just makes people get fatter. If you want to drop the weight, keep doing your hot yoga, eat more raw food and do an intestinal cleanse. I like Dr Schulze...he's da bomb.

meggcellent said...

and write all about what you eat! seriously. i need some perspective, and it helps when it comes with a side of sarcasm!

why is food such a delicious bitch?