May 25, 2008

Size small coffin, please

I am little bit concerned about my Splenda consumption. See this photo? This was dinner.
Am I so concerned to actually stop eating so much Splenda? no.

And do you really think aspartame is really going to cause my brain to swiss-cheese?
I am definitely dumber now that I drink gallons of diet soda each day but I don't think I'm any dumber than I would have been anyway thanks to all the vodka and loud music.

What I LOVE is when someone carrying her third can of Red Bull for the day tells me how bad Diet Coke is for me. "That shit will kill you," she says. Really, Ms. Taurine America?
When are you going to Pilates?


Decorno said...

Me? Pilates?

I am actually going to start going. This foot business is fucked up and is kind of a wake up call to start treating my body right.

We'll see how long THIS religious conversion lasts.

I am sure those bitches who think your Diet Coke will kill you don't even thing of the toxic shit they get their hair dyed with, or the self-tanner chemicals absorbing into their skin, or even the bad shit in something as "harmless" as Lubriderm.

JJ said...

ahem. promises promises (to me).

I am going to yoga Wednesday night. 7. You coming?

KatieGirlBlue said...

Splenda, though, is the Coke Zero of artificial sweeteners...It tastes like the real thing.

Yeah, my mother in law consistently tells me to eat less sugar even while she drenches her iceberg + egg yolk salad with full-fat ranch dressing.

To her, I say, "Good idea. More bacon bits?"

Laura said...

Hi, sorry to intrude....nice to meet you. Found you via Decorno. She's a great gal, ain't she?

Anyway, there are 4 calories per Splenda. There is a loophole in the labeling law that says 4 cal and under, they can claim it's calorie-free. Bastards. Thought you would like to know. xo