May 3, 2008

I should note:

I wrote this to JJ on Friday:

I ate a chocolate croissant this morning, which is bad enough. After I took my first bite, I realized the chocolate chips they use to make the tasty chocolate filling had not melted down, so it truly looked like a bunch of rabbit poop stored away inside the safe pillow of flaky pastry.

And yet still, I ate it.



I am glad that when JJ hears from me, she thinks of morbidly obese women. See below.

I still love you JJ, even though I think you are telling me I am 3 croissants away from being morbidly obese.


JJ said...

I am telling you that!

I don't think you're currently near morbidly obese but I think croissants are a special kind of evil that will magically MAKE YOU morbidly obese.

It's a slippery oily croissanty slope from fabulous D to morbidly obese D.

decorno said...

And currently I am in the "I have no waist" purgatory between one end and the other.

Not good.

I love your honestly.

How are you surviving your weekend in bed? Are you almost ready for your almost-worst-week-ever to be done?

JJ said...

oh. well. no.

I got some bad news last night: my 92 year old grandfather caused a near fatal carwreck and now he is dying. I am flying there at 6am.

Currently I am rocking that awesome sick feeeling in my gut and chest - the one that feels like you're on a rollercoaster ride nonstop. normally that feeling is cured with peanut butter cups but since I am not eating peanut butter cups I am the enjoying GAS and BLOAT and general indigestion. I'm pretty much the hottest thing ever.

Maybe next week will be a better week?

decorno said...

Oh god. Wow.

Do you need a ride to the airport? I will take you at the crack of dawn. I will.

v8_grrl said...

yeah...well if i could get some halfway decent rabbit/chocolate turd, cold, greasy croissants here I would eat them too...with beer...or a martini...hmmm...sounds like perfect PMS food...then chased with Motrin so as not to get a hangover or cramps. It's a thin line...very thin line

jozette said...

Those chocolate chips really do look like rabbit poo. I wish they tasted like it too. Perhaps then I wouldn't eat them.