April 15, 2008

you want me to start this shit? I can start this shit.

I have an interview tomorrow.
It's with a very self-important Fortune 100-servicing company. It was supposed to be Friday but they are so hot to get someone into the position that we have to interview tomorrow.
And can I fit into any of my suits tonight? NO. Motherfucking NO.
Can I find the jacket to the one brown suit that fits? (and I know how you feel about brown) NO. Do I have to go to a birthday dinner in the next 15 minutes? YES.

And who can we blame for this? Peanut butter cups.


Decorno said...

mother fucking peanut butter cups.

Melissa said...

hahaha. story of my life. let me warn you to never look at the calorie count of pb sundaes. you might just die in shock.

JJ said...

holy christ. there are peanut buttercup sundaes? goddamnmotherfuckingshit.

Xmastime said...

i like to carefully break off the chocolate first, save the pb for the wash of cold milk. sigh. i think i love you girls!!!!