April 26, 2008

Update: Hot, Damn Hot.

The Wednesday Bikram kicked my ass for 3 days straight.
I went to the class Wednesday night. On Thursday it was hard for me to breathe because all the muscles in my back were on fire when I moved. On Friday it was still hard for me to sit on the toilet because my hamstrings were overstrung and I couldn't squat without a lot of noise. Today, Saturday, things were looking up. I was successfully able to swing myself out of bed without crying.

So I took another class.

Today: it was somehow HOTTER if that's possible. And the people in the class were totally mean and snooty. However, I managed to cry a little less during the class - and yet was sweating more. In fact, I actually had a steady stream of sweat rolling down my neck into the mass of boobs squished into my sports bra and then when I'd lie down, the stream would woosh back from the boobmass onto my neck and the floor.

I have one more class left in my package.


jozette said...

I love yoga, but, i agree that boobmass sweat is an unfortunate side effect.

Mint Julep said...

Yoga is nice, but sorry this sounds like torture. I say give a girl a fucking fan or something.

Decorno said...

Wow. Way to sell me on coming to a class with you JJ.


JJ said...

I lost 2 pounds this week.

Jessie said...

No you didn't... seriously JJ????

Gotta go - I'm signing up for a hot yoga class, STAT! (Boobmass sweat and all!)

JJ said...

I did, Jessie.

I fully expect to be a Rachel Zoe by Memorial Day.

I'm going to my third class tonight.