April 26, 2008

RantRantRantRant (say it fast, it's fun).

Let me preface this post by admitting that I am a jealous bitch in 1,000 ways.
I want to be skinny. BAD.

That said, I think getting weight loss surgery sucks. I think it's stupid and I am disgusted by it.

I have lost a shitload of weight in my life. Back and forth, back and forth. I have tried EVERY diet. I lose a little and then gain a little (plus a lot more sometimes). I know exactly how to get skinny. Each time I have gotten fat, it's always been a choice, i.e. "peanut butter cups make a lot better sense to me right now than salads and chicken." I have incredible willpower and yet at the same time, I can be just stupid (and fat.) So, to see someone just give up, go get their stomach stapled and strapped and cut into bits, makes me insane.

Why be such a wiener? Why not just buckle down and fucking DIET? If your brain is so crazy that you can't stick with a diet, any diet/the right diet for you after trial and error, go get some therapy! DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. Why cut yourself up, undergo the risks of surgery, jack up your body with malnutrition, etc. when you could fix the underlying problem, your brain?

Are you lazy? Truthfully, I am asking you in the kindest way are you just lazy?

You'd think I'd be the most compassionate person in the world and I totally am in so many areas. But this diet surgery makes me fawking inSANE.


jozette said...

hahahaa. well. i'd have to agree. and, i can relate to the ups and downs in weight loss - it's the story of my life. i recently decided, as soon as it started getting warm over here on the east coast, that the new diet i'm trying it called 'cigarettes for dinner'. hm...perhaps i should change the name of my blog...it's kinda catchy.

Decorno said...

OMG, Jozette. (A) that would be a hysterical title for your blog and (B) I know someone else on that diet.

JJ - Tracy is on that diet, FYI.

JJ said...

Jozette, you are BRILLIANT. (And Tracy too.)

I think that as long as you have a sensible lunch (a meal replacement shake maybe), cigarettes is a fine dinner. With champagne for dessert.

Decorno said...

JJ - that bitch cheated and that's why she looks like a retarded lollipop. Plus, someone forgot to tell that girl that getting your stomach stapled doesn't correct the small problem of having a hideous face.

So there you go. I hope I just said all the things you are too kind to say about her.

JJ said...

Thank you.

...you forget about her sparkling stalker personality.

Kathy said...

Having weighed 300# and now being a size 8 is the ultimate revenge to ranters like you. Don't knock it 'til you've huffed and puffed 10 feet in my shoes. Sometimes it's not just about will power, but about having the courage to actually DO something, even if it's surgical intervention. Tell me again about your knee? Can't you just tough it out? Do some more yoga? Yeah, right.

decorno said...

But isn't the true ultimate revenge to be a size 8 after having weighed 250+ pounds and to not have had to have one's stomach stapled? Seems so to me. And I think that's JJ's point. And mine.

JJ has DONE this. She worked her ass off.

If surgery is the answer for some people, that's fine. It's just that that version of "do something" means "let a doctor do something," whereas people like JJ are "doing something" every day (successfully, I might add), and that's much harder than stapling your stomach.

Kathy said...

I would have loved to have been able to be successful without the surgery. I appreciate that you say surgery for some people "is fine";" I was just responding to her saying it wasn't.

In spite of my bitchy post, I love reading all the rest of the bitchiness on the blog. Thanks.

jen said...

I know what you're saying and yet I'd get an assectomy in a second if I could afford it.

Madeleine said...

Did you know that in over 80% of cases gastric bypass and lap band surgery too, it turns out, reverses type two diabetes? Yah know, I bet you didn't.