April 16, 2008

Oh christ.

JJ... when you mentioned Turduken in your last post, it got me thinking "I've heard of turduken, know what it is... but I've never seen one..."

Well, this is vile. I would eat grilled rockfish and cauliflower, too, given the option to ever eat this frankenfood.

Remind me to tape this photo to my fridge.

Here's something to cleanse the palate after that eye abuse we just suffered above. Take it away, Patron Saint of Hotness:


Mint Julep said...

I'm from Louisiana and a turducken is what everyone eats at Thanksgiving and/or X-mas, and it's very tasty. I admit that we eat some weird things, but hell I'll eat anything as long as it tastes good.

Decorno said...

GODDAMNIT, Mint Julep!

You weren't supposed to tell me it actually tasted good because now I want to eat it. :) I am supposed to be avoiding tasty things, not adopting new favorites.

JJ said...

Where did you find that picture of me?


How could it not be good? It's like fat wrapped in bacon wrapped in butter. It's going to be delicious. Don't you deep fry it, too? I would. And then sprinkle powdered sugar on it and dip it into cream gravy. With a sour cream biscuit on the side. (I am a lapsed Belle.)

Decorno said...

Just spit wine out my nose. Thanks JJ.

mirrormirror said...

He he. Our friends made one RIGHT HERE IN SEATTLE last Thanksgiving.

It was the best turkey-related food ever and has practically no calories (and not a single carb) because it's all lean poultry meat :)(we sort of ignored the fact that it is basted internally with duck fat)