April 17, 2008

Mommy, what's a tummy tuck?

"It's just my way of saying I hate you and what you did to me, honey."

Read article on new children's book about why mommy is getting plastic surgery HERE.

JJ - Is it just me, or do you ever think, "By the time my body is awesome again, i am just gonna fuck it up hosting some fetus for 9 months."


jozette said...

Ok. I found this through your Decorno blog. And read the whole thing. And am in love. Please post every day as it will give me a reason to live. No pressure. :)

JJ said...

Shut up! I was totally thinking that.

I'm mostly concerned about the fun bags. They are already not fun. Imagine them after a litter of kids. *You* know what I'm talking about...

Decorno said...

I don't even like to imagine my fun bags now, let alone after they are destroyed by some gluttonous infant.

Boobs are gross.