April 28, 2008

God broke my knee.

I went to the doctor today because my knee is in serious pain. It's the same pain I've experienced for 10 years but only recently has caused me to actually scale back on my running/soccer.

The good news is that the doctor is CUTE. He's tall and graying and smart.

The bad news is that I'm having an MRI tomorrow and possibly surgery.

The other bad news is that this doctor did NOT ask me to marry him.

The other good news is that if I have surgery I'll get to see him again anyway.


jozette said...

The other good news is that with a broken knee, you have the perfect excuse to stop exercising. I mean, like...it's not your fault.

JJ said...

I love that permission.

My only concern there is that this quest to be thin will end immediately when I sit down.

Plus, who will I beat up if I stop playing soccer? I can't kick my dogs, they're too small.

This is a serious problem.

Jessie said...

Let me tell you about knee pain + exercising.

I just recently got into a big bummer of an accident which ended up spraining a few things (most painfully - my knee). I too thought that I should count this as a reason to be overjoyed... I had an excuse to sit around watching my DVRed shows and stuff my face with comfort food! Although I have enjoyed the relaxation and time off of work, I have probably burned 13 calories in the last two weeks (and eaten about 617 zillion - at least).

When I came back to work, I could feel everyones eyes on my great-big-ass-stuffed-into-a-too-small-skirt-
like-a-balloon. "Welcome back lard-y" I could practically hear them thinking. Worst part = my knee hurts too bad to even do so much as a mini squat, and even walking home from the bus is effort. Looks like I'll be wearing Muumuus for the rest of the Spring/Summer.


jozette said...

Maybe try swimming? That's great exercise and no impact on the ol' knee. If you can find a heated pool somewhere, you will most likely be surrounded by seniors who will not give a damn about your "great-big-ass-stuffed-into-a-too-
small-skirt"!! And...they'll probably be wearing swim caps. That's always a bonus.

Jessie said...

Jozettey, you're brill.

One-piece with skirted butt cover? Check. Nose plug? Check.

Alright, I'm off to the pool.

fashion herald said...

if anyone needs one, I have the CUTEST pulmonologist. although i think he's gay.